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Been Caught Kaepernicking

Not as much fun or as funny as the Jane’s Addiction song, “Been Caught Stealing”, but at least caught your attention. This morning I decided to do interval cardio work since I had weight training / core muscular workout yesterday morning. Mentally I was prepared for P90X + with good old Tony Horton, but I discovered someone had errantly forgotten a T-25 Focus, core cardio, Beta (2ndlevel) in the DVD drawer.

SWEET! I’ll do that. Then eventually other gym users posted up, and I found myself on display for the next 22 some odd minutes. Reminds of the time I was ‘caught’ Kaepernicking…

A few weeks ago, I had a cut on the lower portion of my right elbow, very close to the triceps muscle. With iPod in (Mark V), and workout clothes, I started my weight workout. Now you have to appreciate that my corporate gym is expansive, and each wall is lined with mirrors. I accidentally brushed my cut against the Smith machine. I immediately wanted to look at it.

The only way to do that is to bend your arm to bring it closer to your eyes. From a certain perspective, that looks like I’m flexing my bicep muscle to kiss it – a la Kaepernicking. I’m not of course. After inspecting for blood gushing out of the scab, I looked up.

There was a dude looking right at me with his eyebrows raised, since I’m in Seahawks country. I glanced at my arm position, and realized in horror, that dude thinks I’m doing that!

‘los: “Brah, it’s not what it looks like. I have a cut.” I then point to it.
Dude: Looks away, throws his hands up, and spouts, “I’m not judging!” And then walks off.

I shrugged my shoulders I’ve been tried and convicted so might as well… spent the next couple of minutes flexing in the same mirror before continuing my workout.


#gymfail #murphyslawsucks #nocompetitionsforthisguy


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