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Let There Be Light[room]

So I attended a Lightroom 2 (LR) course last weekend. It was 9a-6p for both days. The course was taught by Valerie Henschel of Step Ahead Photo. I didn't realize just how basic the course was... which was aiight since I was able to tinkering with LR2 uninterrupted by friends and family. For the most part, I figured out that she would just be blah, blah, blah so I dove into photos I wanted "treat". I raced home and decided to buy LR2 with a discount because of my "recent" purchase of CS4. Since it was done in December, it doesn't qualify anymore... DAMNIT! I think I still have discount today, and it ends today. I'll take a hard look at it.
In other news... The 2nd Annual PSA International Individual Creative Competition 2009 has begun! The deadline for submission is March 15th, so I'll dig through an at least submit an entry *click* I'm gonna have a poll of the peeps decide the eventual entry(ies)