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2009 - Year In Review

WOW! 8 months of web shyness. Goodness. Thankfully I've been busy; not artificially busy. Shortly after the last entry [March 16 2009], we accepted an offer on the house. It was less than the asking price plus we had to replace the furnace but it was our opportunity to be free from each other. I was asked from the Wicked BITCH of the Eastside what would make me happy. Well 1) be divorced 2) the house sold. One was done, I was determined to complete two
April 2009 - "Cannonization" - I bombed down to Tolovana State Park with friends to photograph the famed Haystack Rock. Also rocked up a great restaurant called Camp 18. We visited with other friends in the Portland area. Drank at a pub called "The Thirsty Lion", an Irish bar. That same month, I photographed Snoqualmie Falls as I should've a hella long time ago. Not only that, but I got big in the train car graveyard. On the heels of that weekend was an "EPIC weekend". I was given a legen[wait for …